Kurze, lockige, geschichtete synthetische Mono-Top-Vollperücke von imwigs®


Farbe: #14/26A- Blond
Cap-Größe: Durchschnitt (22,5'')
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Surprisingly good wig!

I wasn't expecting much when I ordered this wig, so I was shocked at how nice this wig really is. The color is spot-on. The hair fiber is super fine and soft

Super soft

This is the softest thing in the whole world and its a good length too it wasn't tangled it anything of that sort when you first get it it does lay kinda weird on the front of your head but it's fine after you play with it for a minute

My favorite wig

I've been thinking about getting a wig for a long time and I'm glad my first one was with Imwigs.com! I received it so fast and I love it. All my friends like it... Even my hairdresser loved it!

Beautiful wig

This wig is really beautiful and also very comfortable. The only thing I deal with is that there's a lot of hair, so family and friends will definitely know you're wearing a wig.

I feel comfortable wearing it.

I purchased the Mono top wig. My skin is medium with neutral undertones. In some lighting conditions, and depending upon how much sun I have had, the color can look a more vibrant copper. It’s very comfortable in fit and it breathes well. I could not believe how natural this wig looks and I had no customizing or anything to do to this wig. It’s my style exactly and I plan on buying other shades. I’m new to wigs, but this is my first wig from imwigs and it has earned my loyalty to her line as a customer, already. It’s beautiful and I feel so comfortable wearing it.I fee

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