Kurze, stachelige, gewellte Perücken, synthetische Spitzenfront-Perücke von imwigs®

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Farbe: DH60-Salz&Pfeffer
Cap-Größe: Durchschnitt (22,5'')
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Great Wig

I love this wig. I was scared at first to buy it because of the reviews but I’m glad I took the plunge. It fits perfectly on my small head and aside from cutting the lace in the front, it required no modifications. I appreciate the fact that it’s synthetic because when I wash it, it goes back to its shape and requires no heat or bumping. I will say that following the instructions of using a mild shampoo on warm or cold water is beneficial for caring for synthetic hair. If done, this wig can last for 1 year.
I loved this wig so much I ordered another on reserve. This is definitely a wig that will remain in rotation for me.

It fits!!!!

Love the wig, The fact that it fit my large head was enough for 5 stars. I cannot even find a hat that fits me, but your beautiful wig fit perfect. Thanks for the wonderful product

Highly recommend!!!

Great wig! I have purchased many wigs and this is a really good one for the price!! It’s so much better than I expected. It’s very soft, flows nicely. Does not shed! No tangling. It’s not too thick or thin! Just right! It’s great for a quick dinner or night out, or for any occasion. You won’t be disappointed!

It's very pretty.

I really love the wig I just hope it makes me look pretty. I just have to get use to wearing it. I haven't ever had a wig before. I really like this one. It's thick and soft like real hair. Thank you!

Very comfortable

Love the look and it fits comfortably. Very natural looking and soft.

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