Rooted Wigs: A Complete Guide to Natural-Looking Hair Color Choices

Rooted Wigs: A Complete Guide to Natural-Looking Hair Color Choices

Perhaps you're considering buying a wig, yet you're unsure about the selection process. Color is a key factor in this decision. Speaking of color options, we offer six distinct collections at imwigs: Blonde, Gray, Brunette, Rooted, Red, and Highlighted. Among these, the Rooted collection consistently holds a special place in our customers' hearts and remains a top choice.

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What are Rooted Wigs?

Rooted wigs are a category of wigs characterized by a naturally blended root or base color, creating a seamless transition and emulating the appearance of genuine hair growth. Usually, Root shadowing is commonly applied starting from your roots and extending a few inches into your strands, while your ends remain brighter and lighter. Regarding hair roots of wigs, there are generally two types.

One is to simulate natural hair growing, blond hair with black roots, and bring you a natural look and feel. The other one is that different colored roots contrast with different hair colors. Yes, they will give you a trendy and natural salon look.

Why Rooted Wigs are Becoming More and More Popular?

  1. To add more fun: Rooted wigs offer remarkable versatility in terms of style. The contrast between the darker roots and the lighter strands adds a heightened sense of dimension to your appearance. The extent of color variation entirely depends on your personal preferences, ranging from dramatic to more subtle choices.
  2. Achieving a Natural Appearance: If your goal is to maintain your original hair color in the most natural way, opting for a wig with blonde hair and black roots can be an excellent choice. Thanks to technological advancements, both human hair and synthetic fiber wigs can successfully achieve this desired effect.
  3. For a Fashionable Appearance: Nevertheless, this wig doesn't just epitomize beauty; it also grants you a distinctive and individualized look. Standard wigs can occasionally lack excitement. For newcomers unenthused by conventional wigs, it's time to venture into the extraordinary. A notable variance between contrasting hues can accentuate your features, resulting in an overall more complimentary appearance. Contrasting colors contribute to a daring and captivating look that is absolutely unmatched.

Exploring Rooted Wig Varieties: A Guide to Different Rooted Colors

  1. The natural rooted wig: blonde wig with black roots, like your hair growing.
  2. Add other colors’ roots, like brown, red, gray etc. They come in a variety of other color options. It means you can ignore many conditions and just pick what you like.
  3. Root shadowing/melting. Root shadowing is a hair color technique wherein a darker shade is expertly applied at the roots to create a gentle and seamless contrast. This method skillfully blends colors to prevent sharp lines of transition between shades, making it an excellent approach to rejuvenate your appearance and bestow your hair with both richness and dimension. The best example Ombre Style and Balayage style.

Human Hair VS Synthetic Fiber

Human Hair offers the Most Natural Look and Feel

Human hair can be cut, dyed, and styled to suit your tastes. With proper care, human hair wigs can last a year or more when worn daily. It will give you a more natural and soft experience. Many customers who purchase a human hair wig always choose a rooted wig. It is a fusion of nature and fashion. You can make more freestyles as you like.

The Craft of Synthetic Rooted Wig Offers Paranormal Experience

With the development of science and technology, it is difficult to tell the difference when you wear a human hair wig and a synthetic one. Whatever material you choose, the process of creating and dyeing the strands to achieve the two-tone appearance needs the same time and costs.


The only difference from them is what they are made from. To be honest, the rooted human hair wigs have more possibility to shape just because of their material. So, It means, the price of a rooted human hair wig is higher than a rooted synthetic’s. But, if you just want to do nothing and have a low budget and just want to put it go, a rooted synthetic wig is so appropriate.

Discover Your Perfect Rooted Wig: Easy Shopping by Color and Stylish Choices at imwigs

1. Elegant Short Bob With Bangs Blonde Synthetic Wig By imwigs

She is our best seller of a rooted synthetic wig. The light blonde with dark roots brings you a natural and gorgeous look. It is a classical, elegant, and never-out-of-fashion short bob. It is perfect for some women who want to have a natural look and be trendy.

2.Newest Medium 13 Inch Wavy Synthetic Wig With Bangs By imwigs®

The latest addition to our wig collection features a flawless rooted transition from brown at the crown, seamlessly flowing into a natural blonde cascade down to the shoulders. This design maintains brighter and lighter ends, while the natural wavy texture bestows you with a sense of joy and confidence. The ideal length, coupled with the elegantly styled bangs, effortlessly frames and enhances your facial features. The smooth transition from brown on the crown to blonde at the shoulders exudes a naturally appealing look.

3. Straight Smooth Blonde WigsHuman Hair Wigs With Roots By imwigs®

This light blonde wig with roots is a nice choice if you are looking for a darker color and want to do something new. The blonde hue strikes a perfect balance between cool and warm tones, offering an ideal middle ground. The incorporation of black roots into this blonde color lends a timeless and alluring appearance that you're sure to adore.

This is a gray wig with natural roots that closely emulate real hair, seamlessly blending to create a genuine, personalized feel. This wig offers you a collection of carefree, multi-layered styles that are not only simple to maintain but also effortlessly customizable, empowering you to embrace and accentuate your distinct, individual look!

4. Short Bob Lace Part Wig Ombre Rooted Synthetic Wigs By imwigs®

Prepare to be captivated by a chic short blunt-cut bob that's bound to win your heart. The trendy ombre style showcases a popular color choice- a radiant Golden Brown seamlessly transitioning into rich brown roots. The straight bob design exudes an air of sleek sophistication, making Kai an ideal choice for any occasion or destination. She's the ultimate companion for the busy woman on the move, boasting a lace front combined with a lace part cap for a truly polished finish.

In conclusion, rooted wigs offer a harmonious blend of natural aesthetics and fashion-forward choices, capturing the hearts of wig enthusiasts across the globe. The allure of rooted wigs lies in their ability to provide a realistic appearance with the subtle play of contrasting colors. The darker roots seamlessly blending into lighter strands add depth and dimension to your overall look, catering to a wide range of style preferences.

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