Perruque complète mono haut synthétique courte bouclée en couches par imwigs®

Prix de vente$198.40

Couleur: #14/26A- Blonde
Taille du bonnet: Moyenne(22,5'')
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Really good buy!

This wig made me feel so alive! I ordered. I installed it myself and it was the first time I installed a wig on myself and it was so easy for me. I wore it for 3 weeks. I could have went long if I was real maintenancing it more regularly but I wasn’t. I love the wet curls or dry. There was no shedding or should I say normal shedding, nothing noticeable. Don’t believe anyone who says no shedding because hair sheds( a wig or hair from your scalp). The hair is soft and the wig is so natural looking. I will eventually wash it and reinstall it. Wigs is a great protective style and I don’t think I did bad for my first install and the more I do it the better I’ll get at it, yes go for this wig, it is beautiful! I do not think you will be disappointed

Definitely got what I wanted !

I like how the wig did not disappoint me I would buy from this brand again. I got what I wanted !!

Nothing fake about this wig!

Liked everything about this wig. Many people thought it was my real hair.

Surprisingly good wig!

I wasn't expecting much when I ordered this wig, so I was shocked at how nice this wig really is. The color is spot-on. The hair fiber is super fine and soft

Super soft

This is the softest thing in the whole world and its a good length too it wasn't tangled it anything of that sort when you first get it it does lay kinda weird on the front of your head but it's fine after you play with it for a minute

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