How To Care A Synthetic Wig


    Whatever you are young or older, everyone wants to have a beautiful hair on our head. As an important signal of our personality, it is not only to look attractive for others but to feel attractive to ourselves. Hair loss can have a great impact on a person’s psyche and personality. Facing the problem of hair loss, there is no doubt that wearing a wig is a convenient and safe way to win the beauty and confidence back.
    As we know, there are two fibers: Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs.
Human hair wigs: Human Hair offers the most natural look and feel.
Human hair can be cut, dyed and styled to suit your personal tastes. With proper care, human hair wigs can last a year or more when worn daily. It will give you a more natural and soft experience.
Synthetic Wigs:The most appealing aspect to synthetic hair is it can often be worn right out of the box with little or no styling. synthetic wigs is cheaper than human hair. With the development of technology, you would never know they were not natural real hair.
   For many wig lovers, especially the first one who wears a wig, you can't ignore it because of the affordable price of artificial fiber. If you care well, you can get the best effect on you and increase the lifespan of the wig.
   Now, follow us to know how!

Washing A Synthetic Wig

How Often Do You Needs to Wash?

   We suggest that your synthetic wig should clean it regularly, though not too often. The cleaning time is 1-2 times a month. It varies depending on the wear time. Washing more frequently will stress the fibers and decrease its life span. Washing it less frequently will allow sweat and oils to build up inside of the cap, which will cause the damage of the wig.

What Do You Need to Know Defore Washing?

    Pre-Wash:You had better not put the hair into the water directly. Before you wash, it is necessary to keep the wig not tangle. You must brush the wig with a wig comb in case that the wig does not get hurt.
Do not use regular shampoos. After all, synthetic wigs are not made from real hair. There are products specially designed for the purpose of cleaning and maintain a synthetic wig. So, if you have many synthetic wigs, pls purchase a high quality of synthetic shampoo and synthetic conditioner.

A Synthetic Wig Dislikes:
Don't wear in rainy day without an umbrella

Do not comb the synthetic wig when it is wet
Do not expose it to heat over 180℉

Do not try to style it using blow dryers after washing
Do not dye a synthetic wig 
You had better not wear your wig in the shower, pool or while sleeping
A Synthetic Wig Likes:
Use specifically-made products to suit the synthetic fiber
Use a synthetic hair comb and not a regular brush
Just pat with a dry towel to dry incase it gets wet
Place it on a stand or a cylindrical box keeping the shape of the synthetic wig in mind, when not in use. This protects the synthetic wig’s shape.
Maintain hygiene of your hair to prolong the life of your synthetic hair.

For Storage A  Synthetic Wig

    For times when you aren't wearing your wig, you will want to use a wig stand , wig bag or something for storing your wig. Here are a few more tips:

  1. Do not store your wig on a styrofoam form, as it can permanently stretch out the wig cap and cause your wig to become ill-fitting.
  2. Wearing your wig in the shower, pool or while sleeping is not recommended, so you will need to keep it on a wig stand during these times.
  3. After washing your wig, you should put it on a wig stand to dry. Our wig stands are designed to allow air to circulate underneath your wig as it dries.
  4. Wig stands help your wig to hold its shape when not in use.
  5. If you don't have a wig stand, in a pinch, you can place your wig on a tall, slender object (such as a can of hairspray) covered with a hand towel.
  6. Wigs should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
  7. Avoid keeping your wig in a steamy bathroom or in window sill, as the moisture and heat can damage the wig fibers.