Boycuts Stylish Short Layered Synthetic Wig By imwigs®

Precio de oferta$89.17 Precio normal$132.33
Ahorra $43.16

Color: Tobacco-Mix
Cap Size: Average(22.5'')

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Phenomenal Everyday Wig.

This wig is a great got to wig for everyday use. It is easy to style and I just throw it on and out the door I go.,it is so wonderful when I find a wig I love and feel comfortable and attractive in. Great choice.

The color was more vibrant in pic

I like the wig. It's just a little dull in the color dept nothing like the picture. It's ok


I used to have REALLY thick hair growing up, then I developed hypothyroidism and my hair started falling out, mostly on top. I went for 30 years thankful I had so much I could lose quite a bit without people noticing. Then at age 64 I had gastric bypass so I could have my knee replaced; the doctors won't do it unless I lose about 60 pounds. One of the side effects of the surgery is hair loss and let me tell you my hair line has taken a big hit and on top I can see my scalp showing through, so I bought myself this wig. You Tube saved me on this; I watched as many videos as I could and was prepared for the horror show that happened when I first put it on. I had measured my head and believe it or not this thing fits my big ol' 23 inch head. It has the little elastic ribbons on the rear sides you can hook to make it the size you need. I'm on the last notch, lol! But like I said, horror show! But you know what? My sister can't even tell I have it on! I used to be really big on putting hot rollers in my hair every day so people are used to seeing me with fixed hair and she thinks I've started that again. My mom even keeps commenting on how pretty my hair looks; she doesn't know it's a wig, either. Girls, this thing has a LOT of hair, just lots. So, watch some videos to learn how to handle wigs, how to measure your head, how to care for them, everything you need to know, then order it and put it on. Today is the 4th time I've worn it and I as happy as a kid at Christmas! It looks great!

The color is nice

I have a hard time finding wigs to fit my head. I have thick hair and I must have a big head. It is pretty. The color is nice, but it really isn't for me. I wore it, but it really isn't for me.

Confidence boost

My mother is on cancer meds and her hair started thinning out a lot. I found this wig on Imwigs and with low expectations ordered it for her.. well, she loves it, the wig matched her her color perfectly, the texture and style is very 'real'... She has gotten so many compliments because of how real it looks.. She is happy because she got her confidence back and I am happier to see her that way❤.. will be purchasing a second one for back up 🥰

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