Hair Length Chart

Do You Really Know If the Length of Your Hair Suits You?


Everyone is unique, so the most suitable hair length varies from person to person. At imwigs, we specialize in providing this length guide to help you understand your hair better, maximizing your beauty and confidence


Different length descriptions are an unparalleled art. Whether it's the delicate convenience of short hair akin to the fluttering of butterfly wings, the fun and fresh cuts brought by medium length, or the graceful elegance of flowing long hair. If you want to experience different beauties and gain a clearer understanding of length, keep reading.

Short Hair Length

Short hair refers to hair lengths ranging from 6 inches to 10 inches. Cool and Contemporary Short Haircuts include pixie cuts, bob hairstyles, layered cuts, and more. Short hair has always been a trend embraced by countless women.At imwigs, we will share some customers favourites.

The soft, wispy layers of this wig elegantly frame your face. Sides can be brushed forward or back for a totally natural look. The extended neck allows stray hair strands to be tucked away with ease.

Tandi Wig offers an exquisite take on this style,with her strong,clean lines and eyebrow-skimming fringe.
Create the perfect hairline with our root-colored, light blonde shade that seamlessly blends with your natural hair color. Designed with a unique layered cut, these wig with bangs provides you with a stylish and trendy look.


Medium Hair Length

Medium hair refers to hair lengths ranging from 12 inches to 16 inches,which have the Messy Waves,the Shaggy Crop, the straight layered and etc. It is the great choice between romantic and convenient.

Shoulder Length Cut Spiral Curls Synthetic Wig With Bangs is a shoulder-length cut with soft spiral curls and straight bangs. Show your softer side with this ultra fem look.

Middle Length Wavy Curly Gray Lace Front Synthetic Wig is a stunning under shoulder wig which frame your face beautifully.The fabulous color with shoulder length is natural and perfect and can meet your needs

Newest Medium 13 Inch Wavy Blonde Mixed Brown Synthetic Wig With Bangs is a new-in one.The perfect middle length with bangs shines your face effortlessly. 


Long Hair Length

Long hair refers to hair lengths over 16 inches. Whatever you choose straight ,wavy, curly, layered wigs, which can brings more elegant and charming.
Whether you’re a precision enthusiast or prefer a visual narrative of your hair journey, the Hair Length Chart caters to both preferences. It transforms measuring hair length from a mundane task to an engaging and insightful exploration of personal growth and style evolution.

The Natural Mid-Length Curly Synthetic Wig by imwigs® offers a full head of waves with a playful layered design and wispy bangs. With mid-length, this wig provides a stylish and manageable look.

Salt and Pepper wig lets shines your face and makes a cool feeling.  And you can make some different feelings with long straight synthetic hair. such as, ponytail or half up and down.


How to Choose the Right Hair Length?


Consider Your Face Shape

Our hair is a frame for our faces, emphasizing features based on the cut.Choosing the appropriate hair length for different face shapes can better highlight your strengths, downplay unfavorable facial features, and help you easily discover your charm and confidence.Generally speaking, most of us have 5 face shapes: Oval , Square, Triangular, Round, Diamond. You can read our Face Shape Guide to know more.

 Ask Your Stylist

If you're afraid of making the wrong choice and ending up with a wig that doesn't suit you, along with the hassle of returning it, you can visit a hair salon and consult with your stylist for professional advice on the desired length, color, texture, and style. Our website features a Sitemap to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

Whatever, Just Like It

If you do not care anyting,the best length for a wig is whatever style makes you feel happy and confidentUnlock Your Hair's Potential with Confidence-Boosting Styles. Choose a style that aligns with your preferences and boosts confidence. Embrace and love your hair as an integral part of yourself.


We hope that through this article, you can truly understand more about hair length and gives insight into how your hair type emerges as a guiding force.