Judy ▏Mid-length Straight Blonde Wig Synthetic Wigs with Roots By imwigs®(Mono Part)

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Wow, great wig and I tried on many p

I didn’t post a picture since I am too lazy to put it on for this review but the wig is a great buy. It is comfortable and good quality even though it is synthetic. I am losing my hair.
I cannot believe the price since it is a one in a million chance this wig would look good after I bought it. I am so happy wearing it and I love, love, love saving so much money.

Love this wig!

I am new to wearing wigs for fashion, getting into it after my post COVID quarantine haircut was not that good and way shorter than could be salvaged. This wig is my fourth wig that I've purchased in total, but the first from this vendor and this brand, and how nice it is right out of the bag it comes in, especially at this price point, just blew me away. My previous three were all big name brands and I've ended up having to spend a lot of time on them before wearing them in public, either because they seem to be perpetually too small, even the large cap size for my 22.75" head, or do not look like what I thought I was buying, or just crappy quality control with matted perma-tease - I've had all of these problems with just three $100 plus wigs.

This wig, though, I took it out of the bag, gave it a shake, put it on and fixed it how I wanted to wear it with my fingers, no products required. The first wearing was just around the house, but I would have no problem wearing it out to dinner or shopping. It is the best version of a "shake and go" wig I've yet seen. It fits and has lots of adjustment capability, it's hassle-free, and it's not "wiggy" looking after a run through and a little face framing with the fingers.

Some things about it that others may want to know: It's dense, without feeling like too much hair (for me anyway - I like fuller wigs). I don't have a scale and I can't say for sure how much it weighs, but it is heavier than any wig I have. The fiber on it is thick, which is probably where the extra weight comes from.

Change of length and color

I like it! Soft, thickness. Great wig for price. Love the length style. Versatile, no noticeable shedding

10/10 i do recommend 😍😍

true to length, full, great quality 😻


Very very cute, the hair is soft and easy to curl, it was perfect for me !!! I love it idk about yall but it was cute for me.

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