Short Curly Synthetic Toppers By imwigs®

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Love this topper from imwigs.

I love the topper. It almost matches my hair perfectly. My friend say it’s too shinny. I disagree and think it’s beautiful ! My problem is the little combs. My hair is thin and the comb doesn’t feel sturdy. If I tease my own hair to catch the combs better, I’m afraid it will break because it is so thin and fragile.

Shirley Watson
Its nice to have it when you have so little of it.

This product has truly helped me to feel comfortable about being out in the public. Years ago I had someone grab two handfuls of my hair, one on one side and the other at the same time and pulled my hair out. At that time I had a lot of hair so once the wounds healed the hair left was sufficient to cover the hair that was missing. Over the years Read more about review stating Hair, its nice to have it when you have so little of it.Imwigs hair has turned gray and become thin so that the scars , the bareness is now very noticeable . So I tried the topper and was amazed and so happy , it has helped me so much! It has changed so much of how I feel about appearance. Thank you!!

So handy and so cute and very easy to use!

I use this all the time. looks pretty cute. I'll see about uploading a picture to demonstrate how I do it. I feel like using it this way will let this thing last forever!

I have thinning hair

I have thinning hair on top. This is a wonderful solution

It looks so good and sexy

It looks so good and sexy, I love the color the texture is soft and silky, confortable to ware, especially for somebody like me, not familiar with wigs. I received a lot of compliments.

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