Short Spiky Straight Synthetic Wig With Roots By imwigs®

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Color: Blonde Rooted
Cap Size: Average(22.5'')
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Excellent wig

Looks natural, comfortable.l. Hubby liked it and got nice compliments. Nice highlights a little darker than pictured. Over all liked the color.

it’s super soft,

It’s even better than I expected, it’s super soft, and easy to work with.

Pretty wig

Real color look, and long. The bangs are nice too. Much better then the other wig that I ordered before.

Good starter wig.

I ordered this wig for a costume. I was not looking for anything too expensive as I only planned to wear it once. For what I spent on this wig I was very surprised when it arrived. Wigs for the same price at costume or chain stores can go for about the same price or more and are very plasticy, rough, get tangled easily, & are thin. That is not the case with this wig. It is very soft, manageable, the curl pattern is really pretty. I would say it's a very nice looking wig to start with if you want to get into wig wearing or experiment with color.

Comfy and looks natural

Ya'll, I recently got my hair cut into just this style from having shoulder length hair practically forever. I had a bit of a hard time getting used to styling my new shorter hair and it seemed to take forever to get the little flips to flip the right way. I was really getting frustrated with it so I found this wig I could wear until I got my own hair to perform or even just on the days I didn't feel like wrestling it. I've worn wigs before and was already aware that they rarely come out of the package looking less than completely smashed so as soon as I opened the package I shook the wig out real good and ran it under cold water saturating it really good and then hung it upside-down in the shower til it was completely dry. After it was dry I shook it out again and put it on and it looks just like the photo. Very satisfied. Thank you.

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