Straight Smooth Wigs Lace Frontal Human Hair Wigs With Roots By imwigs®

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Color: Blonde-Rooted
Cap Size: Average(22.5'')
Length: 10 Inch
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Pamela Turner
This is my most natural wig

Nice Wig,No one can tell that I’m wearing a wig even the closest people of my family and my kids. They just tell me that they love my new hairdo!

I will buy another wig from this company.

This is my first wig purchase and I was excited. When it arrived and I opened it I was thinking, mmm not sure this is for me. Talking style.

The wig is so nice and the hair so pretty. The cut on it cute. The colors in person way better than shown above. It took me about 10 min wearing it b4 I got comfortable w the it!

Still need tips on how to put a wig on properly but I'll get it, and when I do I will buy another wig from this company.
I choosed 10 inches.

This one's quality is pretty wonderful.

I like wearing human hair wigs. It is more natural and I always curl them to get different styles. This one's quality is pretty wonderful. After curling or other actions. the hair feels smmoth ,too. No messy, no tangle. So, I ordered another huamn hair again. same quality. Thanks.

Love it

Lost my hair due to covid so I've been playing with wigs...have a few actually and they all look amazing and real....found one my actual natural hair so happy .
Short hair was after i had no choice but to cut it off. My hair was very very long before it went nappy.....

Good quality

Lost my hair to chemo. This wig is really great for price. I think the size is an average, and does have some adjustment bands. It is a little large for me because I have no hair and have a small head but I can wear it and everyone likes it. Not a wig that will last forever but if handled with care and styled only when necessary it will work and you will get good results.

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